Active Content on YouTube, Reza Arap Makes Membership with Tier from Attack on Titan!

Active Content on YouTube, Reza Arap Makes Membership with Tier from Attack on Titan!

After not focusing on gaming content on YouTube for a long time, Reza Arap started to return to providing his gaming content taken from each of his Livestreams. In order to build a healthier gaming community on his YouTube channel, Reza Arap is now officially creating a membership called YBBABY.

Of course, each membership will get benefits only for those who are members. Interestingly, in each tier of membership Reza Arap gives a name that is inspired by one of his favorite anime, namely Attack on Titan.

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The first tier is Military Police Regiment, where they get emojis, batches, watch livestreaming, and even comment. This he did in order to get rid of negative comments and build a healthier community. The next tier is Garrison Regiment, which will make it easier for fans to interact directly with him on social media.

Scout Regiment as the last tier and the most expensive one will be given exclusive wallpapers every two weeks. Those who have become the last tier will also shout out and Arap more often and have the possibility to play together in various Arap games such as Apex Legends, Valorant, or Fall Guys.

Plus those who have become members of the Scout Regiment section will get an exclusive discount of 30% which will last as long as they are members. In addition, the highest tier will still get the previous tiers like those in Military and Garrison.

Source: YouTube Reza Arap