Answered Already, Antimage Officially Leave ONIC Esports, Going to EVOS?

Answered Already, Antimage Officially Leave ONIC Esports, Going to EVOS?

After the end of MPL Season 6 and being a bad report card for the former MPL Season 3 champion, ONIC Esports, one of its flagship players, Antimage, did immediately blow news about his resignation from the yellow hedgehog team.

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The rumors continued when EVOS conducted trials with anonymous players. Interestingly, one of the players who had been photographed on the story of the EVOS coach, Zeys, saw a player who had a posture and clothes similar to the player who is familiarly called Max, aka Antimage.

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This also strengthens the news about him leaving the ONIC Esports team which has made his name big. And the news was finally confirmed by the team by posting their farewell to the player who was nicknamed the strongest Thamuz on earth.

After this official news, fans are even more confident that Antimage will anchor the M1 champion team, EVOS Esports. Antimage is one of the two big names besides LJ who are reportedly strong to strengthen the white tiger team, but until now there has been no official announcement regarding the roster that EVOS Esports will bring to MPLI, so the possibility that Antimage and LJ will be there is still a big deal. question mark.

Source: Instagram ONIC Esports