Continuously Decreasing, Dota 2 Active Players Get the Smallest Number for the Past 5 Months

Continuously Decreasing, Dota 2 Active Players Get the Smallest Number for the Past 5 Months

When the COVID-19 Pandemic some of the Game industry started to flare up. Starting from many who buy in-game items, to active players who continue to increase. Some new games also explode like Fall Guys. However, along with the implementation of New Normal in several places, activities are now back to normal. The Video Game Industry has also returned to normal without turmoil.

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Source: Steam Charts

Just like Dota 2. Even though the last one recorded a Battle Pass acquisition of up to 40 million USD, the number of Dota 2 players continues to shrink. Launching from Steamcharts, Dota 2 recorded fantastic gains for the number of players from February to April. However, that number continued to dwindle until early May when Valve released the Battle Pass. The presence of this annual item can not be denied a little saving the number of active players. What is the power, when the item runs out, the players who are active with this game will also run out.

Source: Steam Charts

Shrinking from 100 thousand players at the beginning of May, this figure continues to fall to tens of thousands. Doesn’t it look big? However, this figure continues to decline until this October. The numbers are constant around 20 to 10 thousand players. Of course, Valve must pay attention to this. Even though for esports views, Dota 2 is still high compared to other games.

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