Lots of Fun RPGs! Here Are 10 Recommended Games This Week That Gamers Should Try To Play

Exciting Abis! Here Are 10 Best Console Game Recommendations Also Released on Mobile!


It is undeniable that mobile devices are the most popular platforms in Indonesia and some countries in Asia. Apart from the spread of games from Asian developers and publishers that continues to flow every year, many users also feel that playing games on their smartphones is the most practical and cost-effective option. In addition, there are also many developers who are targeting their game releases to cover more platforms, including mobile.

One example you can see in several console and PC games which are then also available on mobile, either in a special version that has been downgraded or a direct port. If you have a smartphone with high performance, you can even enjoy the sensation of playing quality games like on consoles and PCs in your hands. For that, in this special article we have summarized a list of the 10 best console game recommendations that are also released on mobile.

Instead of being curious, just look at the summary list below!

Life is Strange

Since it was first released in 2015 for consoles and PCs, Life is Strange has managed to attract the attention of gamers and get recognition as one of the games with the best storyline focus. Different from other interactive story games, Life is Strange feels like an adventure game where you can move your character freely, undergo investigations and various other activities. To reach more players, Square Enix and Dontnod finally officially released this game on mobile devices, and surprisingly this game still offers almost equivalent quality to the console version.


Different from most other platformer games on the market, Gris is arguably a work of art that makes this genre feel fresher to play. The watercolor art style approach it offers is truly very unique and brings a different atmosphere when playing the game. Apart from a charming presentation perspective, Gris also offers a fun platformer gameplay that feels relaxing thanks to its smooth soundtrack. A game that is sure to make your soul feel calmer and more peaceful every time you finish playing it.

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Genshin Impact

Still maintaining the action genre and anime trope as the main focus, Genshin Impact is the latest game project from Mihoyo (the developer behind Honkai Impact 3rd) which offers Action RPG and open-world elements. Roughly speaking, the game concept is quite similar to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but Genshin Impact manages to offer a variety of different and unique elements that make it have its own unique identity. Apart from consoles, in October this game will also be released for mobile devices.

The Walking Dead & The Wolf Among Us

The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us are two adventure games with an episodic format and a complete focus on the storyline. Although they are not suitable for all gamers, especially those who like the action genre, these two games are masterpieces when it comes to delivering emotional and engaging stories. The Walking Dead through a deep survival-themed story, or The Wolf Among Us through a mystery story full of surprises, both of which stand out.

The World Ends with You: Solo Remix

First debuted on the Nintendo DS platform in 2007, The World Ends with You is a JRPG game made by Square Enix that is still very popular with many gamers. After gaining localization and the release of the mobile version, the game’s popularity has increased rapidly and gained a very strong fan base. This game is often praised for its unique and cool artistic approach, interesting gameplay, memorable characters, and compelling story.