Fierce battle!  ONIC Successfully Reports EVOS Legends in the Early Round of Playoffs MPL ID Season 6

Fierce battle! ONIC Successfully Reports EVOS Legends in the Early Round of Playoffs MPL ID Season 6

MPL ID Season 6 has now finally arrived at the main round or playoffs. The first match was immediately presented with a fierce round in the lower bracket between the two former MPL champions, namely ONIC and EVOS Legends. These two teams are also eyeing the winning result, because if they lose they will immediately be eliminated.

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The first match started with quite a surprise, because EVOS Legends, which was previously in the regular season, experienced a decline in performance. However, by using Wann’s flagship Harith, EVOS Legends immediately appeared violent and made ONIC unable to do much, the game became theirs with 1-0.

In the second game, ONIC’s turn tries to avenge their defeat, Sanz, who uses Bruno this time, manages to move swiftly and often gets free hits, so that he can provide maximum damage to EVOS players. ONIC also managed to suppress and defeat EVOS Legends so that the score became a 1-1 draw.

In the deciding game, Wann still entrusted Harith for the third time, EVOS Legends also gave a surprise by playing Revicii which is said to be EVOS Legends’ secret weapon. It is true, Revicii managed to give a tough performance compared to Pendragon and made ONIC surprised by the Maniac he got using Yu Zhong.

However, it seems that Buts, who is also a former player from Evos Legends, wants to surprise his former team. Using Ruby, he managed to make the EVOS Legends formation fall apart, even producing a Maniac for Sanz and Bruno. ONIC also succeeded in repatriating EVOS Legends with a score of 2-1.
Source: YouTube MPL ID