Had Become the Best Selling Game, Among Us Also Copied by Several Other Developers

Had Become the Best Selling Game, Among Us Also Copied by Several Other Developers

Among Us is a game that was popular some time ago. Has a system similar to the Werewolf Game, Popular Among Us because it is easy to play with friends. If you don’t want to bother typing statements on your cellphone, you can use Discord’s help to argue. This is quite interesting to some people. However, this success turned out to be the target of other developers.

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Source: WATheAnun YouTube

Many began to copy Among Us. For example, one of the Chinese versions released on iOS under the name Werewolf Among Us is now in one of the top iOS Downloads in several countries. In addition, there is also a VRChat version that makes a 3D version of the game, as well as Killer Among Us 3D which will be coming to Steam soon.

Killer Among Us 3D really copied the game Among Us as a whole. Regardless of the 3D graphics it offers. The detailed description related to the game also explains the game Among Us as a whole. This seems unethical considering they don’t modify it at all and only provide graphic updates to the game.

Of course, Killer Among Us 3D is not the only game that copies the games developed by InnerSloth, players can find games such as “Impostor among us”, Among Us: Shooter games, and many more.

Source: WaTheAnun YouTube


Apart from the headlines in this article, the KotGa Crew also have an interesting discussion that you can watch in the video below.