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In order not to get stuck on Epic, here are the Meta Hero Recommendations for this season, Jess’s version of No Limit


Currently Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has entered its 17th Season. Like other MOBA games, of course there will be META changes that make every player try to adjust. This change is of course so that the MOBA game remains fun to play. For those of you who are not, META is the Most Effective Tactics Available. Where there are many tactics you can use to get victory.
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This time, Jess No Limit, as a former Pro Player, who has now decided to become a Content Creator, shared useful information. He gives an insight into the heroes who can help increase your rank in this season. What heroes? Let’s see:

1. Fighter

Source: Jess No Limit YouTube

Two-sidelaner META has been on the rise lately. Not only need Hyper Carry, META this time requires a sidelaner that really has Durability from Poke or Burst damage. Fighter with Burst Damage, Crowd Control, and Durability is the answer to META this time. Jess chose Yu Zhong, Jawhead and Thamuz for the Fighter hero.

Yu Zhong is the complete package. Where he has Burst Damage and Crowd Control. Meanwhile, Jawhead and Thamuz have high durability.

2. Tank

Source: Jess No Limit YouTube

Durability. Maybe that’s what Jess No Limit is looking for when revealing which Tank heroes are suitable for the 1-3-1 meta at the moment. First, Jess recommends Esmeralda as a suitable tank hero in this patch. The shield from Esmeralda which is layered is certainly one of the reasons the Esmeralda is a good tank to use. After that there is Uranus, with a fairly high HP regeneration.

Two other heroes recommended by Jess are Masha and Baxia. Masha is indeed some very strong back patches as a Sidelaner. Even the R7 used to backdoor using Masha. According to Jess, the new Magic Emblem also strengthens Baxia.

3. Assassin

Source: Jess No Limit YouTube

Meanwhile, from Assassin, Jess No Limit chose Natalia, Helcurt, and Hanzo. The reason, of course, was that all these Assassins could farm themselves. They are quite independent and are very quick to back up if a midlane or objective grabs occur. Examples of this objective grabbing are Turtle, Turret, and Lord.

Even though Helcurt himself can’t move as freely as Natalia and Hanzo, he can give blackout globally with the Ultimate he has. This certainly helps the team in fighting for Turtle and Lord.