Intermediate Toxic Players in Public Match, Gabbi Even Receives a Fine from the TNC Pro Team

The name Kim Villafuerte or what we usually know as Gabbi from the TNC Pro Team is now back sticking out. After saying that Mobile Game players are not gamers, now Gabbi stumbles on a case again. The difference is, this time it’s not 100% Gabbi’s fault. However, in the end the player must be fined by the Organization.

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Source: Gabbi Twitter

Starting from a Public Dota 2 game involving Gabbi and Hishiko, one of the Content Creators from Malaysia. Hishiko continuously made mocking statements to one of their teammates who was using Pangolier. Gabbi also told Hishiko to pause for a moment because it was really not good at playing Dota 2. Saying like that could drop people’s concentration.

Source: TNC Teamr

Hishiko also took a piece of the screenshot to Twitter and blamed Gabbi. The innocent Gabbi defended himself by saying whether nowadays women are justified in saying harsh words? After being traced through the Dota Open Chat website, Hishiko really likes to say harsh words when playing Dota 2. Gabbi and Hishiko also choose a peaceful path.

However, TNC suddenly sentenced Gabbi to pay a fine for not behaving properly in the Public Game. Suddenly, this provoked anger from netizens. Until this news was published, TNC Predator still received a lot of criticism from netizens.

Source: TNC Pro Dota Facebook


Apart from the headlines in this article, the KotGa Crew also have an interesting discussion that you can watch in the video below.