Is Naruto's Death Coming Near?  Boruto 51 Comic Leaks Show Kyuubi x Naruto Last Mode!

Is Naruto’s Death Coming Near? Boruto 51 Comic Leaks Show Kyuubi x Naruto Last Mode!

Although the Naruto manga has long ended, many fans are still curious about its fate. Especially in his son’s series, Boruto there Naruto has become a great Hokage and is respected by various villages in the Naruto ninja world. But sad news comes after the leak of Chapter 51 of the Boruto manga will be released.

The leak shows the cover titled “Sacrifice” or means Sacrifice which in the manga, Boruto, Sasuke, and Naruto are fighting Isshiki. Naruto is predicted to release the new Kyuubi power mode even though he knows what risks will befall him when doing so.

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When in a pinch, the Kyuubi offers an ability where this ability will take his life when he uses it. After he kicked Isshiki away to keep Boruto away, Naruto immediately invited Kurama to use this ability.

Unfortunately, this content is not one hundred percent accurate, it must be reviewed after the official version was released. Of course this is very sad, especially considering that Naruto is said to be dead in the Boruto comic. Wow, get ready to cry huh!

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