It turns out that Indonesian game developers have existed since 1989, this is the figure of Agustinus Nalwan

It turns out that Indonesian game developers have existed since 1989, this is the figure of Agustinus Nalwan

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Have you never thought about the existence of this Indonesian game developer or developer since when? Well, this morning while browsing and Facebook, the KotGa Crew found an interesting article on the site Tech in Asia Indonesia who reviews the figure of the first game developer in Indonesia who started making games since 1989. He is Agustinus Nalwan.

Reporting from the site PCGamer, the man who is familiarly called Mas Agus is claimed to be the maker of the first Dragon Ball Z fangame for PC, you know. If you created the game recently when the game development engine was more numerous and easier, it might not be something special. Because, when Mas Agus started making games, when he was in junior high school, the internet was not yet commonly used by the public and Google was not yet established. So, where are you looking for a way to make a game?

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Well, Mas Agus learned programming by himself from books published abroad and the BBS (Bulletin Board System) which is the predecessor of the internet that we are blessed with today. Even though he didn’t really understand a foreign language, armed with curiosity and the courage to try to follow the programming language he was learning which at that time used BASIC, he finally could understand how to make games.

The first game produced by a man who lives in Melbourne, Australia, this is a PC game with the theme of Dragon Ball in 1989. However, because the game development uses other people’s property so gamers asak Surabaya, Indonesia, cannot sell it and can only share it through internet which is quite widely downloaded, both local and overseas gamers. Then, when he was in the 3rd grade of junior high school, did he develop a game with a different look but the same concept.

In 1996, Elex Media Komputindo published a book entitled “Programming Animation and Games for Professionals”. Based on his LinkedIn page, currently this man with more than 25 years of experience in the realm of software development has a career as Head of AI and Machine Learning, Public Speaker, AWS ML Hero and AI Advisory Board Member.

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