Jump Auto Jago!  Know the Facts of Hashashin, Black Desert Online's Newest Class Killer

Jump Auto Jago! Know the Facts of Hashashin, Black Desert Online’s Newest Class Killer

Black Desert Online, the popular MMORPG on the PC platform, is getting more and more interesting updates every day. One of the most recent is the presence of a quite interesting new class called Hashashin. Interestingly, this class will also be present simultaneously on the Mobile platform as well, according to information provided by the executive producer of this game, Jaehee Kim.

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In fact, according to Jaehee Kim, even though it was made by two different studios between PC and Mobile, the two of them could simultaneously finish making Hashashins quickly. What takes the most time is localization or translation for each existing region and playing the game.

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So, the newest class presented in Black Desert Online this time is Hashashin.

The idea of ​​the Hashashin class itself came from adventurers in Turkey and MENA or what we better know the Middle East and North Africa. Although in the end not only Turkey and MENA, but also various cultures entered the period of making the Hashashin class.

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Hashashin is a class that focuses on character operations, he can create his own area and benefit from battles within that area with his unique skills. For example, the Hourglass of Defiance skill allows the character to be able to return to the desired point at any time when the Hourglass of Death and Arid Assault skills attack the target aerial or from the air.

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Seeing the attractive way of fighting, you could say Hashashin is a character with control that is not easy, of course, but it will certainly bring a new experience in fighting, especially for fans of characters who focus on attack mechanisms.

Now, the Hashashin class is available in Black Desert Online starting September 2, 2020. To make your adventure more exciting and interesting, make your Hashashin character wholeheartedly first!

So, make sure you try the Hashashin class when playing Black Desert Online!
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