Mobile Legends M2 Tournament Leaks, Certainly Coming January 2021

Mobile Legends M2 Tournament Leaks, Certainly Coming January 2021

MPL Season 6 is over, with defending champion RRQ winning the title for the third time. And like the previous year, after the MPL at the end of the year there will be a world tournament or now called M2 because this is the second championship after M1.

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However, Moonton turned out to be a surprise after they announced the MPLI again in the near future. Of course this is a question, whether M2 will not be implemented because of the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Given, previously M1 also had an offline tournament format in Malaysia in 2019.

However, it was answered after Lius Andre, the former manager of Moonton, gave instructions about organizing the highest championship in the Mobile Legends scene. He said that M2 will be held in January 2021.

However, he has not been able to tell about the venue for the tournament, which he certainly explained that in mid to late January the M2 World Championship will definitely be held. He also explained that, later in the following month, MPL Season 7 will also resume being implemented.
Source: PUBG MOBILE JP Twitter