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Must Understand! Criteria for Buying the Best Gaming Laptop on a Limited Budget!


Having a PC system that can be used to perform various activities has become a necessity in itself, especially in playing games. For some people who are more concerned with mobility as the main consideration, laptops have indeed become a more desirable hardware option and cannot escape the attention of new users.

Relying on a laptop as the main gaming platform is indeed a reasonable choice, but this decision must also be followed by an understanding of the laptop’s performance in running games. For those of you who are among gamers with a thin budget but still want to buy a laptop that can be used to play games, in this special article we have summarized the criteria for buying the best gaming laptop with a limited budget.

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Chased Gaming Needs

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Before looking for a laptop that you also want to use to play games, be sure to determine what gaming needs you are after. If you are used to playing light games from the simulation or visual novel genre, for example, then an ordinary laptop with a price of under 5 million is definitely enough to meet these needs.

But, of course, if you want to play AAA games that are quite heavy and require qualified specifications, then you might have to consider a laptop with standard gaming specifications in the price range of more than 5 or 10 million. If you have determined the gaming needs, then you can start looking for the laptop you want while considering one other need, which we explain in the next point.

Features Deemed Necessary and Not

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For those of you who are eyeing a gaming laptop with a limited budget, performance is of course a criterion that must be prioritized, but sometimes not a few gamers are lulled by a gaming laptop that has a cool design and comes with interesting features, such as RGB and the like. Even though it is interesting, you can save a lot of budget if you are eyeing a laptop that has superior performance but with a design that seems ordinary.

Desired Specifications

One more consideration that you might be able to determine is the desired specifications and features. Of course, if you already know what kind of gaming needs you want to pursue, then you will definitely look at the specifications of the laptop that is being targeted. For light gaming needs, a laptop with 4GB RAM with a Ryzen 3 or 5 processor might be enough to meet these needs, but if your gaming needs are heavy you should look for a laptop with higher specifications and if possible it comes with 8GB RAM standard.

In addition to specifications, there are also several other interesting features such as a Full-HD IPS screen, quality audio with qualified technology, a capable cooling system, and much more.