No XIN, No Party?  Pak AP Straighten XIN Issue Through A Short Video

No XIN, No Party? Pak AP Straighten XIN Issue Through A Short Video

Appointing Alberttt to play with RRQ Hoshi made the fans of Rex Regum Qeon or what we usually call RRQ shocked. The reason is, XIN, who succeeded in bringing RRQ to become the champion of MPL Season 5 while breaking the curse of the MPL winner twice, was on the bench. XIN has also said in his YouTube video that he will return to play on Week Five.

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Source: YouTube RRQ Team

However, through a short video that was just uploaded by Team RRQ. It is certain that XIN will not play until the end of MPL Season 6. This was revealed by Andrian Pauline or who is familiarly called Pak AP. Seeing the wild issue that was developing and afraid that fans would be disappointed because XIN did not make a comeback, he immediately jumped in to bring this news. According to Pak AP, this decision was taken collectively and several adjustments have passed.

Pak AP also hopes that the fans will continue to support RRQ no matter what. He also admitted that this was the decision of the team and coach. As a management, he couldn’t do much and left the decision to RRQ Hoshi’s team. This is also done in order to get the best, especially according to Mr. AP. Season this time is more complicated because it uses a 5 hero banned system.

Let’s wait for XIN’s return to MPL Season 7 itself. Pak AP also hopes that XIN can take a break for a while and come back refreshed in the next season.

Source: RRQ YouTube


Apart from the headlines in this article, the KotGa Crew also have an interesting discussion that you can watch in the video below.