Not Only The Console, The PS5 Dual Sense Plate Can Also Be Customized Easily

Not Only The Console, The PS5 Dual Sense Plate Can Also Be Customized Easily

The upcoming PS5 console has indeed been busy being introduced through unboxing content from world famous YouTubers. From this content, it was revealed that the plate on the PS5 console can be opened easily and has the potential to be customized.

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In fact, because of this, many companies from China have even said that they are ready to sell customization plates for the PS5. Although, in the end the company was sued by Sony for selling the PS5 plate.

However, the customizable parts don’t stop with the console. Through the next content, regarding the details of the new Dual Sense or the PS5 joystick, it was revealed that there were some plates from the Dual Sense that turned out to be easy to put apart and put together.

Of course this also signals that Sony or other companies will actually sell custom plates for consoles and Dual Sense, given the ease of dismantling these parts. Of course, this is also a breakthrough for the PlayStation, considering that the previous console had minimal customization.
Source: Gamerant