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OP Abis! This is the Hero who is Again META in Season 3 of Marvel Super War


Marvel Super War, a mobile MOBA game created in collaboration with the developer of NetEase Games with Marvel, has now reached its season 3. This game has also gone through several patch changes, starting from nerf, buffs and adjustments for each Hero, which always changes to keep the game fun and balanced.

Well, in season 3 this time Marvel has also made some patch changes, so the META in the game has changed. So, because this time the KotGa crew will provide recommendations for the Hero who is currently becoming META in Marvel Super War.

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1. Mysterio – (Energy)

Mysterio is a very good Energy Hero to play in Marvel Super War. However, he is actually not a Hero that is used for solo kills, because he is a poke-type Hero, which is very useful in battles simultaneously.

It is also useful during the early game to harass the opponent, so that the opponent’s HP is drained first. Yes, it is also useful for doing split push, moreover, he has the Mirror Illusion skill which is very useful for babbling opponents when blocking us or chasing us.

2. Thanos – (Fighter)

Surely you already know that the Thanos character in Marvel films has tremendous power, to trigger a big war in the Avengers End Game movie. Well, in Marvel Super War Thanos is a Hero Fighter that is quite troublesome for opponents.

Thanos can be used for top lane damage or a jungle. His Cosmic Power skill with a Power Stone is truly enormous, dealing damage to enemy heroes. With Thanos you can carry out attacks in and out of war so that each skill is truly effective.