Ordinary Kill Harvest, This Former Overwatch Pro Player Now Harvesting Vegetables and Fruits

Ordinary Kill Harvest, This Former Overwatch Pro Player Now Harvesting Vegetables and Fruits

The name Dafran aka Daniel Francesca is probably one of the most feared players in the Overwatch League. This player, who started as a streamer and became a pro player at Atlanta Reign, was a player who was priced at a high price. Even according to rumors, the price is similar to Bang Sung-Hyeon or what we usually know as Jjonak as the MVP of 2018 at that time. In fact, Dafran himself only played once in the Overwatch League. However, that is just the past. Now Dafran chooses a different life.

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Source: Oktopen Instagram

The man who was born in 1993 decided to take Agricultural school. In June, he said he would stop being a full time streamer. When asked by fans, he said he would farm. At first everyone laughed at the answer from Dafran. However Oktopen, one of the farms in Denmark uploaded a photo of Dafran farming.

Source: YouTube Dafran

This is certainly surprising for gamers. The reason is, Dafran really kept his promise. He also looks happier. Remembering every live stream, Dafran is attached to the events of the past. When Blizzard and Twitch simultaneously banned him for violating existing regulations.

This Dafran method seems to be emulated by other players. When they retire, they have to start something new without games. What do you think?

Source: Dotesports


Apart from the headlines in this article, the KotGa Crew also have an interesting discussion that you can watch in the video below.