Lots of Fun RPGs! Here Are 10 Recommended Games This Week That Gamers Should Try To Play

PC Master Race! 7 Console Exclusive Games Expected to Release on PC


Although PC is a very solid platform on the market and can provide high-end graphic quality, not all quality games are also released for this platform. Like the PlayStation 4, for example, a console that has continued to dominate over the past few years thanks to a myriad of fantastic exclusive games. Likewise with Nintendo with the Switch.

Since the release of Horizon Zero Dawn on PC, it seems that there is hope that a console’s “first party” studio will still have the possibility of releasing the game on PC. Well, in this article the KotGa crew will mention some console-exclusive games that are expected to release on PC as well. Maybe some also have a lot of rumors already circulating. What are the games? Come on, see the article!

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»Lots of Fun RPGs! Here Are 10 Recommended Games This Week That Gamers Should Try to Play

1. God of War

It is undeniable that the title God of War is one of the most dominating titles in 2018. God of War (2018) tells the story of Kratos’ adventures in Nordic mythology. In his adventures, Kratos must guide his son, Atreus, to grow up to be a young man who is ready to live in the wild.

Despite veteran fans’ doubts about this new series, God of War still proves its loyalty to the classic elements of the franchise while offering more perfect quality. God of War has the latest rumors that it will be released (or announced) in August.

2. Persona 5 Royal

Starting from the spin-off series from Shin Megami Tensei, the Persona franchise has proven to be successful in gaining much higher popularity and bringing the JRPG genre more recognition in western markets. The series with the most merit and the most success in achieving this goal is none other than Persona 5. So far there have been quite a number of rumors circulating about Persona 5 for PC, but all of them are not proven to be true.

Persona 5 offers a unique JRPG experience thanks to the social simulator concept and the interesting storyline of The Phantom Thieves group. The aesthetics and quality of the soundtrack in this game are also extraordinary, and all of that has not been counted from the content to hundreds of hours of gameplay that are guaranteed not to make you bored quickly.

3. Bloodborne

Like the Souls series, Bloodborne is also one game that adopts gameplay elements with almost the same difficulty level. In recent times, the name Bloodborne has been increasingly associated with its PC release. It is not surprising, because this game is still being developed by FromSoftware, which has also released various games made on PC.