PUBG Mobile Has Banned More Than 2 Million Accounts in One Week!

PUBG Mobile Has Banned More Than 2 Million Accounts in One Week!

PUBG Mobile has eliminated the cheaters in the game. The cheat eradication activity took place from 4 September to 10 September 2020. PUBG Mobile itself has announced how many accounts have been banned.

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A total of 2,245,936 accounts were banned for using cheats. The cheats they use are X-Ray Vision by 52%, Auto-Aim Cheats by 23%, Speed ​​Cheats by 8%, and 6% using other cheats.

Source: Facebook PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile stated that these accounts would not be able to access the game permanently. The investigators who joined in this eradication were 4,449 investigators.

In just one week, PUBG Mobile can find that many cheaters. Of course this is done so that the deterrent players and other players do not follow the cheating trail. What a good move from PUBG Mobile!

Source: PUBG Mobile


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