Ready to be nostalgic with legendary games?  Perfect World Mobile is Confirmed to Launch on November 5, 2020!

Ready to be nostalgic with legendary games? Perfect World Mobile is Confirmed to Launch on November 5, 2020!

The Return of the Legend – Perfect World Mobile VNG can immediately be played by all gamers in Indonesia via the mobile platform starting November 5, 2020. Until November 4, 2020, players can pre-register first. HERE, if the player pre-registers, then automatically when they start playing Perfect World Mobile, they will get a prize which will certainly help PW Heroes start their adventure in the world of Perfect World. Here are the prizes:

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Source: Perfect Worlds VNG PR News

1. Skin: Charming Youth (7 Days)

2. Mirage Stone x5

3. Overhaul Gem x5

Source: Perfect Worlds VNG PR News

Perfect World Mobile is a game where Heroes can fly in a magical fantasy world or participate in battles in 3 places, namely in the air, land or sea.

Previously Perfect World was launched in the PC version, and in this mobile version, Perfect World VNG keeps all the best parts from the PC version. All races and classes of Perfect World VNG are the same from the original version, and provide the best experience whether for Heroes who want to reminisce or who are just playing Perfect World Mobile.

Source: Perfect Worlds VNG PR News

Perfect World Mobile will come with the latest version by presenting the latest class of Assassin and Snow Map, where Heroes can find and conquer the perfect world in a snow-covered city.

Source: Perfect Worlds VNG PR News

The flying feature is also one of the “perfectly” reproduced elements in Perfect World VNG, where players can freely explore the unique perfect world. Even the “auto-battle” feature in Perfect World VNG is considered a good intervention, so it doesn’t change the structure of the complicated role-playing gameplay to the original.

3D graphics are also featured in Perfect World VNG because this version is equipped with the highest quality graphics technology to provide a sense of comfort and pleasure in playing games. Thanks to perfectly crafted details, Perfect World VNG is an extraordinary product for the mobile game class. Moreover, the mystical world of Perfect World VNG will bring its own power, thanks to the presence of four seasons which make the map change over time which has received a lot of praise from international gamers.

Source: Perfect Worlds VNG PR News

It is clear that Perfect World Mobile VNG has a very good character creation system, where Heroes can create the characters they want, even Heroes can make their characters exactly like the faces of their idols. More than that, Perfect World Mobile VNG also allows Heroes to combine outfit looks with more than 250 items. This is the perfect game to show the whole world of Perfect World who you really are!

Perfect World Mobile VNG is the perfect place to make new memories, make new friends and have a great time spending amazing games. VNG strongly believes that Perfect World VNG will be a favorite for MMORPG game lovers in Indonesia. Perfect World VNG will be officially launched in Indonesia on 05 November 2020. Join now to play with other players.

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