Resident Evil 8: Village Finally Releases a New Trailer!


Resident Evil 8: Village Finally Releases a New Trailer!

Present as one of the most attention-grabbing games at the PS5: The Future of Gaming event which was held a few weeks ago, Resident Evil 8: Village is the latest sequel to Resident Evil 7 which brings lots of new changes. Even though the game still comes with gameplay from an FPS point of view, fans’ enthusiasm for this game still feels very strong. Because it is present as a sequel to a series that brings major changes to this franchise, expectations for Resident Evil 8 are quite high.

Through the PS5 Showcase presentation event this morning, Capcom finally returned to sharing the details of this game through the second trailer which showed more new details. Although there is no clear gameplay footage, you can see the dominant horror theme as well as the scary old village life. Instead of being curious, you can see the trailer below.

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Can’t wait for the game? Resident Evil 8: Village itself is planned to be released in 2021, for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC. Further information about the game is likely to be shared again at the Tokyo Game Show Online 2020 later.

Source: Official Capcom


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