So More Focused, Here Are 7 Things Gamers Should Prepare Before #PushRankTanpaHenti


Since the popularity of online games in Indonesia, we are certainly very familiar with the term push rank from gamers. Push rank is of course very important for gamers, because it concerns the level of greatness and quality of the gamer, the higher the rank, the more popular it will be among other gamers.

However, to do a push rank, of course, it must be done with preparation and not to be disturbed by various things that actually lead to a drop in rank. Well, this time the Kotga Crew will give gamers what tips must be prepared before doing push rank.

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1. Free Time

Push rank is an activity that will certainly take a long time to do, then you also have to focus and focus on the ongoing game. Make sure when you are going to do a push rank, you are indeed in a free position without being disturbed by other activities.

It’s good, this push rank activity is carried out when you have completed your main activities, such as after school or after work. Then you can also take advantage of vacation time to do a push rank, which of course you can take longer and higher ranks.

2. Healthy and Fit Body

A healthy and fit body is certainly a requirement for us to be able to carry out our activities every day. Likewise, when we do push rank, we must be in a healthy and fit position, because if we are sick, it will be difficult for us to focus later while playing.

So, if we have planned to do push rank, make sure our bodies get enough food, exercise and most importantly, enough sleep. With things like that, not only our bodies are healthy and fit, but our brains become fresh, and we can be more responsive when doing push rank.

3. A capable smartphone to play games

The main requirement if you want to do a push rank, of course, is a smartphone that is indeed strong and capable of playing the game that will be played. If not, surely we will have difficulty doing push rank, because lag devices are often interrupted.

All you have to do for this, see at least the specifications that can play the game you are going to play. If your smartphone has specifications above the minimum required, it means you can play it, but if it’s below it’s better you don’t use it to do a push rank.