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So that you don’t get ridiculed, friends, understand the terms in the Mobile Legends game: Bang Bang!


Games with the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre or what we usually know as MOBA are a genre that is quite in demand. One MOBA that is quite popular in Indonesia is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This game is like football in Indonesia which is in demand by various groups.
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However, sometimes new players don’t know the term in MOBA. Though this is quite important. If you misinterpret a few words, it is possible that coordination with the team will fall apart. Then, what terms do you usually encounter in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang? Let’s see:

1.Midlane, Sidelane, and Offlane

Source: Kirbar KING YouTube

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, there are three lanes that you can take. Midlane which is in the middle, Sidelane which is below and has a closer path, and Offlane which is above and has a longer path.

2. Farming

Source: Doc. BoxGame

Although it literally means farming, farming in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has a different meaning. You have to collect gold coffers in order to get the items you want.

3. Macros Gameplay

Source: KB YouTube

Macro Gameplay is the term for mastery of the game on a large scale. For example: map awareness, knowledge of tires and picks, and other things. Usually people who are lined up to be captain must have good Macros.

4. Micro Gameplay

If Macro is knowledge gaming on a large scale, Micro is the opposite. It is knowledge for the little things. Such as: how much cooldown is for one hero skill, how much armor does he have, and so on. Usually if you have mastered Micro, you will easily play the mastered hero.

5. Ganking

Source: Doc. BoxGame

Ganking is a condition when a player wants to make a surprise attack on the enemy. In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang itself, to do ganking you can take advantage of the bush. Not only that, you can also take advantage of roaming items that provide a temporary invisible effect.