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Starting from Udil to Alter Ego, Recap Transfer of Mobile Legends Players Ahead of MPL-ID Season 6


Mobile Legends Professional League is a quite big event in Indonesia. How could this not, this tournament broke the record with the most online stream viewers on MPL Season 5. Then, in August 2020 MPL Season 6. Of course, as a fan of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, you will be looking for information about the transfer of players, aka transfers.
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Starting from Udil who suddenly went to Alter Ego and Sanz who were lined up to replace Udil in ONIC Esports. What are the transfers this season? Here’s what the KotGa Crew has collected!

1. Udil from ONIC Esports to Alter Ego

Source: YouTube Alter Ego

Had heated up the tension of the match in MPL Season 4. ONIC Esports and Alter Ego are rivals who fight each other. Moreover, Udil said that “Above the sky, there is ONIC”. Keeps both connoisseurs and players alike edgy. But who would have thought, “The Spicy Boys” instead moved to these rivals. Udil is now in the Alter Ego uniform.

Even Maxhill Leonardo aka Anti Mage, Udil’s teammate at ONIC Esports said this man was a mysterious figure. How did Udil do this time? Let’s take a look at MPL Season 6.

2. Rave from RRQ to Genflix Aerowolf

Source: Aerowolf Pro Team YouTube

Having triumphed in MPL Season 1 with the nxl> team, Rave is one of the most talented players. His ability to know the enemy’s position is the advantage of this one player when playing in the Tank position. Unfortunately, when in RRQ, Rave was only played in MPL Season 4. The rest was only played on MDL in season 5. This made Rave finally decided to move to Genflix Aerowolf. He reunited with Watt and Billy, his former teammates at nxl>.

3. Billy (MidGod) from RRQ to Genflix Aerowolf

Source: Genflix Aerowolf Facebook

Being a perpetual reserve in MPL Season 4 and rarely dropping in MDL Season 5 also made MidGod or as Billy might be used to decide to leave. He may lose prestige from other players. But who would have thought, the duo Billy and Rave were the key to Genflix Aerowolf at MPLI some time ago. How do the two of them do? Let’s see.

4. Pendragon to EVOS Esports

Source: EVOS Esports Facebook

The hot seat left by Oura as Offlaner has not been able to fill. Only Rekt, the senior, could handle this position well. However, EVOS Esports’ performance dropped dramatically because “The Farmer” was no longer a Carry. After trying several experiments, EVOS Esports finally brought in the Rising Star, Pendragon.

This man who has stolen the attention some time ago does have the same mental and mechanical features as Anti Mage from ONIC Esports when playing Thamuz. Is Pendragon able to fill the void left by Oura? Let’s take a look at MPL Season 6.