Superstars Baseball Fantasy Sports RPG Game 2020 Released on Google Play and Apple App Store!

Superstars Baseball Fantasy Sports RPG Game 2020 Released on Google Play and Apple App Store!

Baseball Superstars 2020 (BSS), the newest game in the fantasy RPG baseball series GAMEVIL, is available on Google Play and the App Store as of August 25, 2020. Players can hit home runs and line drives while organizing and customizing their team with a new gaming experience that has Graphic display and playing quality that have been greatly improved compared to previous games so that it is easier to play even by casual players.

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Source: Gamevil YouTube

The game series was first released in 2002, and the newest installment in the Baseball Superstars series is a new gaming experience from classic games using popular features such as “My Player.” In this mode, players can manage their team by selecting and changing player appearance, equipment, special items and much more. Fans can even create their own custom pitch and customize the batting mechanics to suit their own playing style. Plus, there are a variety of players that can be collected and used to make the perfect team.

With more than 70 million downloads throughout the game series, BBS is one of the most popular GAMEVIL IP games and can attract various types of fans due to its RPG elements and casual play style. The attractive visual appearance of the Baseball Superstars series as well as the various unique skills that can be found in this game is a factor that attracts various types of fans, including gamers who don’t really like baseball.

About Baseball Superstars 2020 Gamevil

This new mobile baseball RPG takes the sports genre to a whole new level with comedy elements, stunning productions and fantasy RPG elements rarely found in other sports games. In addition to the PvP mode and various mini games, this mobile sports game offers a Training Mode where players can choose the position of the character, create a trainer deck and help their baseball superstar become the best.


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