[TGS 2020] Surrounded by Surprise!  Highlights of the 2020 Tokyo Game Show 2020's Most HYPE Game Announcement!

[TGS 2020] Surrounded by Surprise! Highlights of the 2020 Tokyo Game Show 2020’s Most HYPE Game Announcement!

It doesn’t feel like one of the most prestigious annual events in the gaming industry, the Tokyo Game Show, is over. Even though the celebration of the event was not as festive as last year because it was held digitally, it cannot be denied that the Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online still brings many surprises that make many gamers enthusiastic. Apart from the announcement of new games, there are also a myriad of updates from various other cool games that are sure to successfully increase enthusiasm. The event, which was held from September 24 to 27, did bring many new surprises, but only some of them certainly attracted the most attention compared to other announcements. For that we have summarized some of the highlights of the most HYPE announcements from the Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online which you can see below.

A ton of new details from NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139…

Square Enix has finally returned to share a new set of details from the game which is an upgraded or remake version of the original NieR game, specifically the NieR Replicant series, where the main character is Brother (Nier). In addition to showing trailers and new gameplay videos, Square Enix also announced a sales bundle and a game release schedule which falls on April 22-23 next year.

Announcement of the Latest Virtua Fighter Project

The classic Virtua Fighter fighting game franchise looks like it will revive through a new project named by SEGA “Virtua Fighter x eSports Project”. No one knows what this project actually means, but it’s predictable that whatever SEGA is preparing has a goal of bringing the franchise into the competitive realm of fighting games.

New Details of Resident Evil 8: Village

Through a presentation session especially at TGS 2020, Capcom also took advantage of this moment to share details about Resident Evil 8: Village. Even though it didn’t show the long-running gameplay demo video as fans expected, Capcom still shared details through its game development video which also contained some interesting information.

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Monster Hunter Rise Gameplay Presentation

Following the official announcement of the game a few weeks ago, Monster Hunter Rise, which is the newest game from the Monster Hunter franchise, was finally re-exhibited at TGS 2020 with a new trailer and gameplay presentation sessions with a duration of more than 40 minutes.

Konami Announces Edens Zero Adaptation Game

As if rising to prove this ability, recently Konami’s party finally officially announced the latest game project they are working on, namely Edens Zero. Announced through the Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online yesterday, as the name suggests, the game is an adaptation of the manga series by Hiro Mashima (the creator of Fairy Tail), namely Edens Zero. The game itself carries the action RPG genre developed for consoles.

Kunimitsu’s presence as a new character in Tekken 7

Bandai Namco has also brought a series of surprises prepared for the fans who are waiting for their presentation session. One of the highlights of yesterday’s event was the announcement of a new DLC character for Tekken 7, the handsome ninja Kunimitsu. This character will later also be present with an additional stage “Vermillion Gates” which looks very beautiful.

New Details of the Scarlet Nexus Action RPG Game

Scarlet Nexus also got a spotlight at the TGS 2020 event yesterday, where Bandai had more details than before. In addition to the music video and the new trailer, they also shared some interesting information such as how this game will present another protagonist besides Yuito Sumeragi, Kasane Randall.

So, those are a series of highlights from the most hype announcement at the Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online. Which surprise makes you most excited about this year’s event?