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Tips for Ranking to Immortal, Learn Tiny Airlines from the Geek Fam Team


Geek Fam is currently the strongest team in the Southeast Asia Regional. They successfully defeated big teams such as Fnatic, TNC Predator, to BOOM Esports. One of the players who is positioned as support 4, Xepher, wants to share tips on how to be good support. As well as how to play Tiny.
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Source: Xepher YouTube

Tiny’s support position is one of the heroes who brought OG to become the champion of The International. Then, what is Xepher’s advice for Support players who want to use Tiny? This man named Kenny Deo also shares his tips!

1. Know Tiny Hero First

Source: Xepher YouTube

Tiny is the complete package. Himself has Crowd Control that can turn things around. Avalanche and Toss from their skills often change the game because they can have a stun effect and throw enemies at friends. You can also throw a friend’s hero who is the initiator.

Meanwhile, Tree Grab will help you to chase enemies who are already dying. Whereas Grow will have a large damage effect. However, these two skills don’t really matter when playing Tiny Support.

2. Position is Key

Source: Xepher YouTube

Knowing the right position is the key to playing Tiny Support. Xepher said there were several points to watch out for. Especially on the lane where your Offlaner plays. Because usually Tiny Support will accompany the Offlaners to play Aggressively on this Patch. Don’t appear on the lane often and turn around near the enemy more often until they cross the line.

Usually, if you are in the Offlane position, you will meet Carry and the Support. To keep Carry getting maximum farm, of course, as a support, you have to Harras to Offlaner. When the Support exceeds the limit, then Tiny appears and punishes Avalanche and Toss.