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Tips for using Adam Warlock in Marvel Super War


Adam Warlock is a superhero who is also included in the franchise of Marvel Studios characters. This character is a manifestation of an artificial cosmic designed to become a perfect human. He himself has extraordinary strength, even beating a Thanos in the existing comic series.

This time, this strong character is also present in the Marvel Super War game, he is also in the Energy role. As a strong character, he is also quite difficult to control in battle. Well, this time the KotGa crew will give good tips on using Adam Warlock in Marvel Super War.

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1. Understand each skill’s use

Every time we play MOBA, to master a Hero we have to learn every skill that is in the Hero that we want to learn. Adam Warlock himself has three different skills and one passive skill.

The three skills include Dynamic Punch which can provide area and slow damage, then there is Mystic Beam which can bind and attract opponents and third there is the ultimate Cosmic Explosion skill which can absorb the surrounding energy and inflict damage. Then Adam also has a passive skill called Golden Chrysalis, this skill allows Adam to regenerate his HP.

2. Play on the top lane as an offlaner

Because he has enormous strength and is able to handle many enemies at once, Adam Warlock is the type of Hero who can guard one lane or offlaner. Play it at the top or top of the lane to keep the path from your opponent.

As an offlaner, Adam Warlock is able to use his combo skill to knock back enemies or kill him directly. In addition, if he is hit by a ganking, he won’t die easily because he has a passive that can regenerate HP.