Unstoppable, Team Secret Recorded 7 Wins with a Score of 3-0 in the European Regional Final

Unstoppable, Team Secret Recorded 7 Wins with a Score of 3-0 in the European Regional Final

Apart from the controversy that Valve has not given a Dota 2 tournament until the end of this year, the Omega League is one of the last tournaments from a third party besides ESL One Thailand. For the Omega League Immortal Division Europe, the final party brought together Team Secret and OG. OG, the two-time champion The International managed to swing after defeating Nigma in the Lower Bracket Final.

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The first game was quite fierce. Where midone from OG managed to farm well until the Mid Game phase. But several times Team Secret has successfully done a tug-of-war and made Sven from Midone unable to move. The Lotus item from Team Secret also makes OG who rely on a single target have to bite his fingers. The match continues to the second game.

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Want to rely on Tiny from Topson like in the match against Nigma, OG is hit by a counter pick from Nisha who uses Outworld Devourer. The carry midone was also seen misplaced several times. This made OG submit to Team Secret again. Until the game continues to the third game. This time, Team Secret really took advantage of the Early Game potential. Pick Sven, Wind Ranger, and Faceless Void from OG were immediately cleared by Team Secret.

With this victory, Team Secret has officially recorded 7 wins in a row.

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Apart from the headlines in this article, the KotGa Crew also have an interesting discussion that you can watch in the video below.