Welcoming Season Four, Marvel Super War Holds Fun Event for Six Consecutive Weeks!  Must Join!

Welcoming Season Four, Marvel Super War Holds Fun Event for Six Consecutive Weeks! Must Join!

Marvel Super War has officially announced Season Four, which will present the iconic thing from Marvel Studios’ newest film, Black Widow. Not only did he present Black Widow in his elegant white suit, but presented the figure of a new hero who would also be the opponent of Black Widow in his latest movie. Who else but Taskmaster!

In order to offer and celebrate Season 4, Marvel Super War has prepared various exciting events for six consecutive weeks for Marvel Super War gamers! Of course, each event will have different, challenging and exciting content to follow.

During the event, you will get a different gameplay and try your luck in the gacha which will reward you with the exclusive Black Widow skin from the upcoming film “Marvel Studios Black Widow” and Hero Taskmaster. Wow, free skins! You must record the date so you don’t miss the excitement of this event!

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Source: Marvel Super War

The first week: [Setelah update 10 Oktober hingga 18 November]
Ultimate Codebreaker

Through items and coins, gamers can participate in the raffle to win a variety of selected prize Packs such as Skin Brillian Casket, Dark Star, Astral Iron, Gem of Fortitude, Random Hero Trial Voucher and Crystal.
In addition, draw the lottery within a predetermined time and get bonus prizes including Dark Star, Black Widow Avatar – Agent and Special Black Widow Avatar – Fated Rival.

Source: Marvel Super War

Second week: [Dari 15 Oktober hingga 18 November]
Login Gift

You only need to enter the game for 1 day and get an item that can be converted into a New Hero Voucher after Taskmaster’s first appearance.
Enter the game for 4 days to get the New Voucher Skin!

Agent Recruitment Campaign: Basic [Dari 29 Oktober hingga 4 November]
The Taskmaster has arrived!

The third week: [Setelah pembaruan pada 22 Oktober hingga 18 November]
Operation: Decryption Key-Black Widow
Open the vault to get the chance to have the exclusive and permanent Black Widow skin from the newest Marvel Studio Black Widow film!
Every 10 times you try to open the safe, you will get the first opening of the safe for free!

Operative Training Event
As an extraordinary secret agent, Black Widow has prepared himself for the worst by continuing to practice his aim. Join Black Widow in his training by tapping on targets on the screen to earn points. Earn as many points as possible to unlock various achievements and other prizes!

Source: Marvel Super War

The fourth week: [Dari 29 Oktober hingga 4 November]
Agent Recruitment Campaign: Basic

Complete daily missions to get skill points.
Earn a certain number of skill points to earn items and a Certificate of Qualification which can unlock additional missions on a weekly basis.

Black Widow Battle
[Setelah update 29 Oktober hingga 4 November]
Now it’s time to ask your friends to backup! Get a reward when the backup you receive has reached a certain target! Come on, invite your friends to backup and get prizes.

Week Five: [Dari 5 November hingga 11 November]
Agent Recruitment Campaign: Intermediate
Complete daily login missions and participate in battles. Unlock additional missions using the qualification certificate that was obtained in the previous week.

Operation: Decryption Key-Taskmaster
[Setelah update 5 November hingga 18 November]
Open the vault for a permanent Taskmaster and exclusive skins inspired by Marvel Studios Black Widow!

Week Six: [Dari 12 November hingga 18 November]
Agent Recruitment Campaign: Expert
In addition to daily missions, gamers will get random missions when fighting. Complete these missions to get various rewards when the battle is over.

Those are the 6 weeks of events offered by Marvel Super War in order to welcome the Fourth Season of Marvel Super War. The more diligent you are in participating in events, the greater your chances of getting various FREE GIFTS. So what are you waiting for? Immediately download the Marvel game now so you don’t miss it and follow all the events! Don’t forget to invite your friends to play together.

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