Win a Total Prize of IDR 135 Million in the Latest MLBB Championship League Event

For loyal MLBB players, they must be very familiar with the MLBB Championship League (MCL) event. MCL is a weekly online league organized by MLBB where every player can participate. Participants must exchange 1 ticket that can be purchased at the MLBB in-game to be able to participate in this MCL event and ticket exchange is open every Saturday at 21.00 WIB.

In this MCL event, participants have the opportunity to get Battle Emote, Recall Effect, MCL Cup and Skin Epic Limited.

There was something different on the occasion of the MCL event this time. Starting on November 14, 2020, there will be an MCL Bounty Rush event where each participant not only has the opportunity to get prizes as usual, but there are other spectacular prizes that can be won, including Border MCL, Special Effects, and even cash prizes totaling up to IDR135 million.

The leaderboard will appear on November 7, 2020.

In addition to the total prize pool of IDR 135 million, MCL is also collaborating with Infinix which provides a total of 15 new mobile phones, namely Note 8 (3 for MCL Quizzie giveaway, 7 for MCL Challenge and 5 for top 5 MCL Bounty Rush) with Special Box Limited MLBB and in-game other items.

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“We are very pleased with the enthusiasm of loyal MLBB fans who have faithfully participated in the MCL event and this time we will give the best reward to MCL participants as a token of our appreciation,” said Leonardy, Marketing Executive of Moonton Indonesia. “We hope that this MCL event can become a forum for MLBB players to hone their skills, as well as the opportunity to get attractive rewards,” he continued.

To participate in this MCL event, participants only do the following to get tickets:

  • Pre-order MCL tickets for free by logging into the MLBB application from 7-13 November 2020 on the “Event” page
  • Tickets can be claimed on November 14th
  • Another way is to buy MCL tickets for 20 diamonds per ticket
  • Participants participate in the Squad by accumulating up to 7500 activity points
  • Celestial Tasks: complete Celestial Tasks to get tickets
  • MCL Party Friends: Participant’s party friends can also give MCL tickets

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this MCL event to get various rewards limited to cash totaling IDR 135 million!

For complete information about this event, visit Facebook Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Instagram @realmobilelegendsid.