X-Drake Officially Joined the Alliance!  Azakaya Nine vs Kaido's Counterattack Begins!

X-Drake Officially Joined the Alliance! Azakaya Nine vs Kaido’s Counterattack Begins!

Continuing the story of the Wano arc in One Piece 991 where X-Drake, who seems to have been caught disguising himself in the Beast Pirates as Tobi Roppo or the Flying Six, intends to join the Straw Hat Pirates alliance in this attack. X-Drake remembered Coby’s words which belonged to the Marine’s secret organization, Sword.

However, Roronoa Zoro refuses to do so, because according to him he submits to Kaido just like Hawkins. Luffy says it doesn’t matter if X-Drake joins, but Zoro, Franky, and Jinbe still reject this. On the other hand, Page One and Ulti tried to attack Luffy and the others, but Usopp was able to block it.

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Source: Toei Animation

Nami and Usopp managed to distract Ulti and Page One so they chose to attack them. Luffy and Sanji rushed over but were intercepted by Appo who didn’t seem to have suffered any serious injuries after being attacked by Kid. Seeing that the three Numbers had fallen, he also called one of the numbers numbered eight to attack.

Unfortunately the ancient giant is attracted to Shogun Franky and intends to capture him, and the attention of Hacha is diverted to Franky. Zoro still disagrees with X-Drake joining the alliance and they do battle. In the middle of the battle, Appo entered and they both agreed to beat Appo first.

Suddenly Queen suddenly appeared and took out her Gatling weapon and attacked Zoro and X-Drake. The scene also changed over Onigashima’s skull where Jack had to accept defeat after having to face the two leaders of the Mink Tribe, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi in his Sulong form.

Seeing this, Kaido did not remain silent. Finally he joined the battle and began to deliver what seemed like his best attack on the Azakaya Nine. However, the attack was successfully split by Kinemon with his sword and they intended to die to defeat Kaido. Will Azakaya Nine eventually win the battle against Kaido?

Source: Shounen Weekly Jump